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An Evening at SEI Investments

An Evening at SEI Investments

| October 16, 2018

On Tuesday, October 9th, FIFS Capital Advisor Group hosted clients and friends for a tour of SEI’s unique campus and the art works

of emerging artists throughout. The event included a time to socialize, a walking tour, lite fare, and culminated in a presentation

of Investor Behavior by Timothy Gregory*, Relationship Manager within SEI Advisor Network.    

The evening began with a time of fellowship, food and drink as guests arrived on the SEI campus. We were joined by Tim Gregory and Caitlin Hanisco of SEI, as well as Lee Stoetzel, Director of the West Collection at SEI Investments, as we began the tour of the campus. The tour consisted of numerous stops to explain the artwork, as well as the rationale for the unique office configuration. The paintings, sculptures and installations displayed on the campus are chosen to create an atmosphere that sparks discussion, spurs creativity and enhances brainstorming ideas.


    Upon the culmination of the art and campus tour, we were invited into one of the campus    

      amphitheaters to listen to Tim Gregory speak on the topic of investor behavior and shed some

      light on why human nature makes it so difficult to maintain your plan and discipline through

      tumultuous market cycles.  There was a time during and after for attendees to ask questions of

      the SEI staff.  All in all, it was an inspiring, entertaining and informative evening at SEI with

      attendees gaining a unique perspective on the culture and philosophies at SEI, while being

      reminded of the principles that serve as the foundation for a successful investment plan.  SEI, a  

      leading global provider of wealth management services, is located in Oaks, PA and has been a 

      valued partner of FIFS Capital Advisor Group in creating solutions designed to achieve client goals. 

*Timothy Gregory,  Caitlin Hanisco and Lee Stoetzelis are not affiliated or registered with Cetera Advisor Networks. 

All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.  There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.