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Services Offered

Our business is built on a foundation of thoughtful client centered relationships.

We value the uniqueness of each client.  Using the services and solutions listed below, we will work with you through the changing seasons of life to help meet your specific goals.    

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment by contacting Denise Alderfer at 267-384-5300 or [email protected]

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IRA's (Traditional, Roth, Simple, SEP)

Taxable Investment Accounts

Rollovers from Qualified Retirement Plans

Tax Managed Investment Strategies

Socially Responsible Investment Strategies

Donor Advised Funds

529 and College Savings Accounts


We will help you find the investment solution to match your objectives and risk tolerance. 

Financial Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Social Security Planning

Long Term Care Planning

Life Insurance Coverage Planning

Disability Insurance Coverage Planning

College Savings Planning

Estate Planning

We will help you create a financial plan to assist you in reaching your short-term and long-term goals and provide annual review meetings to keep you on track. 

Corporate Retirement Plans

401(k) Plans 

403(b) Plans

457 Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans with Prevailing Wage Considerations



Corporate Pension Plans

Municipal Pension Plans

Leverage the experience of our retirement plan advisors to put the right plan in place for your business.


We are happy to offer our clients the valuable service of Everplans. 

Everplans allows you to create a secure, digital archive of your important information and documents.  In addition to providing you with a place to keep things organized, your loved ones can be provided access to what they will need should something happen to you.  

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Tuition Rewards®

Clients of FIFS Capital Advisor Group are eligible to participate in the Sage Scholars Tuition Rewards Program. 

Think of Tuition Rewards as Higher Education Frequent Flyer Miles.  You will receive points based on your eligible assets which provide the opportunity for the students in your immediate & extended family to earn up to one year of tuition at 350+ private colleges & universities. 

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